Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Marion Destounis Bra Doll.

I had the most delightful note from Marion saying she had a special need to make a BRA DOLL.

She had worked for a company called Wonderbra. Someone there is going to retire so she wanted to make them a BRA DOLL out of one of the company bras. Well that she did and is it ever lovely. First of all what a glorious bra it was who is now living a whole new life as a fab gown for a doll. That must have been some lovely bra, for the dress for the doll is outstanding. Marion promises a photo of the presentation so we shall look forward to that. Here is her doll.

Marion says this is only the third doll she had ever made. Her outstanding sewing skill surely does show. That is one lovely doll.

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