Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The BRA DOLLs how they started

BRA DOLLs Where the idea came from.
This is Barb Keeling explaining how this all started.

Last year I stood at the grave side of a friend who had lost her 12 year battle with cancer. My Dad had died of cancer some 40 years ago. More Cancer Research is needed I kept thinking. Was there something I could do to help with Cancer Awareness.?

I am a cloth doll and pattern designer. Why couldn't I design some dolls that could remind us about Cancer Care. So the BRA DOLLs were born. I designed a group of patterns that as part of the doll pattern, you must include a BRA. Yeppers a real bra. Doesn't matter how you do it or where you put it. Just use a BRA. Good twosome BRA DOLL and BREAST CANCER. I contacted groups of Doll makers and suggested they make a doll. Part of the purchase price of the pattern goes to Cancer Research.

The doll maker gang is made up of very giving supportive people. So BRA DOLLs began appearing in sewing rooms. I wrote an artcle for SOFT DOLLS AND ANIMALS magazine and shared dolls there. This story is slated for October time. October is Breast Cancer Month.

One of the ladies in our doll club is doing the 3DayCancer Walk. She has to train hard and long for the walk, but also has to find sponsors who will donate to her need to raise $2500. Part of the money raised from the my Bra Doll Pattern sales is being given to help her reach her goal. Doll makers helping Dollmakers all for a good cause.

Kelly who's doll is on this blog ZE-BRA, tells me she has talked with some gals who are donating their dolls to City of Hope or Cancer Recovery Places where there are folks who would love the supportive gift of a BRA DOLL. Kelly is a 9 year survivor of breast cancer so well knows the need of support when on the recovery path.

This blog is to show off the great dolls. So keep those photos coming. Get a pattern and give it a shot. The photo at the top shows all five of the dolls in the pattern. Each is fun to make and you will laugh yourself silly as you 'twist' a bra into becoming part of a doll.

The Bra Doll pattern is on the front page of my website. It is an easy download for all five of the patterns. You will have a great set of patterns that will be great for dolls with or without bras. http://www.keelingskrafts.com/
Keep those photos coming. Cancer is an "ongoing" thing, our support should be the same.

Barb Keeling barbkeeling@aol.com
Think I should sign my name: BAR-BRA

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