Monday, July 13, 2009

Get Well Bunny

Paulette Carr and Doug and Barb Keeling worked on this project. Here are some photos to see the starting gate. We used the BRA DOLLs Mom Mouse Pattern and turned it into a Bunny. This is done for a friend who was in the hospital and needed some cheer-eeee-upping. So the three of us each took on a part of the doll making process and made the doll. Here is a start out photo and finished doll. Following are more photos. The Wee Mouse we did too, for a friend of Paulettes named "Kat". Seemed like a fun idea to make a mouse for someone named KAT. Kat is dealing with a "back again" issue with cancer so she needed lots of good cheers.


  1. Hi Barb I love all the BRA DOLLS everyone was quite imaginative. Love and Hugs Dianne

  2. Thanks again for my wonderful bunny bra doll. She did bring me cheer in the hospital and continues to do so! Love to you all for such a thoughtful gift!