Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kelly Riley-Duckworth's BRA DOLL

This BRA DOLL is made by Kelly Riley Duckworth. It is called. ZE-BRA. The mouth is made using the underwires in the bra to make the mouth. She added the teeth after learning how to do that from a demo Lois Boncer did at our doll club, IOLCC. Then the ears are two bra cups. Way cute doll.

Little by little people are getting their Bra Dolls done and have shared their photos with me. I will post them here as I get the pictures. Each person has used a bra someplace in the dolls they have made. On DollStreet list some of the members were busy making bra dolls when it was discovered that two of the Dollstreet members where dealing with newly discovered Cancer. These people needed something the cheer them up. So bra dolls in process became PRAYER BRA DOLLS. The members decided to turn the doll making into a round robin so more people could take part in making the dolls. A doll was sent to Doug and I. Doug made a really neat head for the doll body we got. I used fabric stiffener on the side piece of the bra, and then made some really cute ears out of the fabric and added it to the head. Doug did another larger head. We boxed the who bunch up and returned then to Paulette Carr, who will turn these two darling part made dolls into the Mom Mouse Doll from the Bra doll pattern. The two dolls will be used to send to, two folks who are dealing with Cancer Recovery. Several members of Dollstreet decided to donate their bra dolls that will be sent to City of Hope or Cancer Recovery Hospital. The dolls will be giving to those who are facing the recovery process.

We are so happy with the positive things that are happening with the BRA DOLLs.

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  1. oh my gosh these dolls are so darn cute i love the bunny...brenda