Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lois Boncer's BRA DOLLs

Lois Boncer is a good friend. We are in the same doll club of IOLCC, San Diego, CA area. She lives near by too so now and again we share a cup of tea, bunch of laughter and lots of doll talk.

Lois is a very talented doll designer and has done that "forever". She mostly does animals. You have seen many many of them featured in magzines like Soft Dolls and Animals. She is the master of Animal Doll designs. She did two BRA DOLLs. One who lives in a clam shell, just toooo nifty. She took the bra cup underwires and bent them into a "wave" design & creating a great clam shell. She reduced the pattern size of one of the doll pattern, used Dougs fun Doll face on the doll. Then her next sensation is the same size doll riding a turtle. The turtle is made of two bra cups one on top of the other to make its shell. Legs, tail and a snappy head added to make a darling turtle. Way to go Lois love it.

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